Butler Avionics Lear 60 ADS-B Solution STC Approved

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Learjet Panel WebButler National Corporation received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), STC number ST2455SE, for its ADS-B(Out) compliant avionics retrofit in the Learjet Model 60. The Butler ADS-B solution replaces the existing transponders and adds a standalone WAAS/GPS position source to seamlessly interface with the existing TCAS II System and satisfy the pending ADS-B (out) regulatory requirements.

The ADS-B equipment mandate is set for January 1, 2020. The Butler National ADS-B solution is now available. The retrofit installs the Garmin GTX 3000 transponders, the GDL 88 GPS/WAAS Sensor and an optional Flight Stream 210. The great thing about the Butler National ADS-B(Out) STC solution is the optional ADS-B(In) functionality. The GDL-88 along with the Flight Stream 210 provide Bluetooth™ connectivity to portable electronic devices (i.e., iPads) and allow the crew to obtain FIS-B flight information (i.e., uplink radar, weather) and ADS-B traffic (rebroadcast and from other ADS-B equipped aircraft). The Lear 60 installation generally takes seven to ten days. Butler National plans to make this same package available on other models such as the Learjet 35/36 and the 31/31A to provide a cost-effective TCAS II compatible solution.

Butler National is in the process of completing additional cost-effective ADS-B(Out) STC solutions for aircraft not requiring TCAS II compatibility. Clark D. Stewart, President, and CEO of Butler National, commented: “With the quickly approaching ADS-B(Out) mandate, Butler has made it a corporate priority to timely bring cost-effective ADS-B solutions to Learjet operators. We are committed to Learjet and its operators to helping make the Learjet 20/30/55 and 60 Series ADS-B compliant. We will work with maintenance facilities, such as Avcon Industries, Inc., to coordinate inspections with ADS-B installs to minimize aircraft downtown. We have received great feedback about the price and availability of the Lear 60 Butler ADS-B solution, and we suggest operators contact us soon to schedule an install.”

For additional installation information or an appointment to install the Butler ADS-B solution in a Learjet Model 60, please call Gary Morris at (913) 829-4606.


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