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OLATHE, KANSAS, April 26, 2017, – Butler National Corporation (OTCQB: BUKS), a leading components manufacturer and service provider for commercial and military aircraft and a recognized provider of management services in the gaming industry, announces Federal Aviation Administration Supplemental Type Certificate issuance and Parts Manufacturing Approval of a new vertical accelerometer for Learjet airplanes.

Incorporating new technologies, Butler National designed, manufactured and obtained Federal Aviation Administration Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval of a replacement vertical accelerometer for use by the autopilot on the applicable Learjet Model 31/35/35A/36/36A/C-21A and 55 Series airplanes. The replacement accelerometer is approved for installation under STC number ST02515SE.

Parts obsolescence is a never ending challenge in the airplane business. Many aircraft, like Learjet 20, 30 and 55 series airplanes are flying beyond their 40th year of operation. This makes replacement part acquisition a significant challenge. One Butler National research and development focus is providing new part alternatives to obsolescence issues with cost-effective new replacement parts for legacy airplanes such as Learjets. We manufacture and sell these parts through our subsidiary Butler Avionics, Inc.

Management Comments

“We are pleased to continue offering new components and system upgrades for sale to operators of legacy Learjets. We believe the new replacement vertical accelerometer, the AV-500B Mod A, will offer enhanced reliability and improved performance for the applicable Learjets”, commented Clark D. Stewart, President and CEO.

“We also have an FAA approved STC solution for new replacement rate gyros (RG-227) that have received positive acceptance from legacy Learjet operators.” Commented Mr. Stewart. He added: “We have had numerous requests to assist with technical obsolescence solutions in Learjets, and the replacement vertical accelerometer is another prime example of combining our aviation experience with our technical expertise. These Butler National replacement parts enhance the upgrade experience that we offer operators with our ADS-B(Out) solutions. We are working to provide Learjet customers new parts with new technology. ”

“We stepped up to provide reasonable solutions to keep these aviation ‘workhorses’ operational. We offer noise solutions, avionics solutions (ADS-B(Out) and Garmin GTN navigation upgrades), and parts obsolescence solutions. We believe in these aircraft, and we will continue to support these Learjets in the future.” Commented Mr. Stewart.


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