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Lear 60 AHRS STC


A number of years ago, Rockwell Collins announced the difficulty in obtaining parts to support the factory-installed AHC-85 AHRS system in many Lear 60 aircraft. Working closely with Learjet and Rockwell Collins, Butler Avionics obtained FAA approval of the AHC-3000A retrofit in the Model 60 Learjet. The Butler Avionics STC offers operators the alternative to replace either one or both of the AHC-85 Computers at any given time.

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  • AHC-3000A Computer Replacement for the Lear 60

    Replacement for Lear 60 AHC-85 AHRS Computer and ECU STC allows replacement of one or both AHRS units Solid-state sensor technology for high reliability Minimal installation downtime Resolves AHC-85 obsolescence issues