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Learjet ADS-B Solutions


With FAA approval of the GARMIN GTN GPS Navigator and GTX 335R/345R Transponder pairing in STC ST02230SE, the Butler ADS-B Solution allows flexibility with multiple configurations. Not only is the ADS-B compliance solution cost effective, the Butler ADS-B solution offers additional functionality. We not only give you ADS-B(Out), but the option of ADS-B(In)

Approved Models:

Lear 36A

Lear 36

Lear 35

Lear 25B/C/D/F

Lear 25

Lear 24B/D/E/F

Lear 24

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  • Butler Avionics, Inc. offers ADS-B Options because not all customer needs are the same. We provide ADS-B(Out) compliance at various cost-effective levels:

  • GTN 625 GPS/Dual GTX 335R Transponders (No Navigation)

  • GPS Autopilot Navigation GTN 625/725 GPS/Dual GTX 345R with ADS-B(In)

  • Com/Nav/GPS Roll Steering Dual GTN 750/Dual GTX 345R with ADS-B(In)