Certified Installation Facility

Butler Avionics is an experienced avionics installation facility. We install major brands of equipment, and our Team installs some of the latest technology and system

At the core of our service is our dedication to equipping aircraft with cutting-edge in-flight technology. Our installation solutions meet a variety of operational demands. 

Technology Integration: Incorporating advanced avionics technology into existing systems to enhance aircraft. 

Custom Configuration: Each installation meets the needs of different aircraft operations, focusing on maximizing utility. We make special mission electronics integrations.

Compliance and Compatibility: Installations comply with FAA and EASA standards. We work with you to obtain FAA-approved STC.

What sets Butler Avionics apart for avionics modifications?

Technicians: Our team comprises professionals with training and experience in avionics installations across many aircraft types.

Advanced Technology: As an authorized installer for most OEMs, we have access to the latest avionics innovations. We work to modify aircraft benefits from the newest advancements in flight technology.

STC-approved Solutions: There are many avionics facilities worldwide. There are few that are focused and have the engineering depth to perform the design, integration, testing, and documentation prerequisite to FAA supplemental type certificates.

Learn more about our avionics services. Our team is ready to partner with you!

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