Sales Team

Sales Team



Chad Caylor joined Butler Avionics in the fall of 2011, bringing with him extensive experience in aviation. Chad began his pilot career as a professional flight instructor over a decade ago, and continues to utilize his instruction knowledge today. As a former FlightSafety instructor and corporate pilot, Chad brings a solid aviation background to the Butler Avionics Marketing and Outside Sales department.

Dave Hayden

Dave Hayden began his training in the US Air Force in avionics. From there he worked at King Radio as a field engineer with a specialty in avionics systems interfaces and flight control systems. As a pilot, Dave has accumulated over 12,000 hours of flight time, flying everything from a Piper J-3 Cub to a Lear 35. Directing the service side of Butler, Dave is a perfectionist when it comes to testing new or repaired equipment for our customers.

Gary Morris

Along with Steve Hayden, Gary Morris founded Butler Avionics (formerly Kings Avionics) in 1969. Steve later started a sister shop in Wyoming and Gary was joined by Dave Hayden. Gary’s training began in the US Navy in electronics, leading to a career as an engineer at King Radio followed by Customer Service at Bonzer. For over 45 years, his expertise in general aircraft and avionics has enabled him to guide customers in upgrading their avionics to meet their personal needs.

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