Configurable ADS-B for Non-TCAS II Learjets

ST02230SE offers three different configurations to match the needs expressed by different parts of our diverse customer base.


No Navigation

  • Garmin GTN 625 GPS – View »

  • 2x Garmin GTX Transponders – View »

Designed for maximum cost-effectiveness, this configuration satisfies the ADS-B mandate. The installation includes a 4.9” touchscreen display (GTN 625) and two Mode-S transponders (GTX) for ADS-B compliance. The GTN does not produce any output, to the autopilot or any instruments, in this configuration..

GPS Autopilot Navigation

  • Garmin GTN 625 or 725 GPS – View »

  • 2x Garmin GTX Transponders – View »

This ADS-B (Out) Compliance configuration uses one GTX 335R and one GTX 345R transponder to provide ADS-B (In) functionality along with optional autopilot-coupled functionality of the GTN Navigator.

COM / NAV / GPS Roll Steering

  • 2x Garmin GTN 750 GPS – View »

  • 2x Garmin GTX 345R Transponders – View »

Dramatically enhancing situational awareness and the overall cockpit experience, this configuration adds one or two top-of-the-line 6.9” Garmin GTN 650 or 750 touchscreen displays, one GTX 335R transponder, and one GTX 345R transponder. Pilots use this equipment to visualize their entire flight plan with overlays for approach charts, weather, traffic, and more. The GTN 650 / 750 pairing with the GTX 335R / 345R transponders provides operators with a significant avionics upgrade as well as ADS-B (Out) compliance.


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