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ADS-B Solutions

Butler Avionics ADS-B Solutions Now Available for both TCAS-II and non TCAS-II equipped Learjet 31A Aircraft

Butler Avionics offers multiple ADS-B solutions for Legacy Learjet Aircraft, including the 31A, that incorporate either the GDL-88 GPS and GTX3000 Transponder or the Garmin GTN 625/725 GPS and GTX 335R/345R Transponders into standalone ADS-B(Out) compliant systems. Our Garmin-based solutions integrate seamlessly with existing equipment, providing ADS-B(Out) compliance and options for ADS-B(In) capabilities.

Installations Starting At Just $54,500*

* dependent on factors including selected configuration and existing equipment.

Comparing STCs

We use separate STCs to provide ADS-B for legacy Learjets both with and without TCAS II, which offer state-of-the-art equipment and full ADS-B functionality. The key difference is that ST02230SE is installed in aircraft without TCAS-II, while ST02455SE provides installation compatibilities in aircraft with TCAS-II. Both ST02230SE and ST02455SE have the option of ADS-B “In”, making it easy to take advantage of the subscription-free weather and traffic information offered by ensuring customers can send FIS-B and TIS-B data to common, cost-effective devices such as tablets.

Applicable STCs By Learjet Model

Use the chart below to determine which STCs are applicable for your aircraft.

STC Learjet Model
ST02230SE 24, 24 A, 24 B, 24 B-A, 24 C, 24D, 24E, 24 F, 24 F-A, 24, 25 A, 25 B, 25 C, 25 D, 25 F, 31
ST02455SE 60
EITHER 31 A, 35, 35 A, 36, 36 A
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